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Training modules are designed for discipline content review and preparing for competency and proficiency testing. For example, within the Bloodstain Pattern Discipline, modules include Pattern Recognition, Impact Angle and Area of Origin, and Methodology. As “practice runs” for competency and proficiency testing, modules lead the user through questions that test the user’s knowledge of bloodstain patterns and the methodology for analysis. Immediate feedback assists the user is identifying his/her strengths and areas where additional training may be needed.

Proficiency testing is a core component of quality assurance programs. Our approved web-based interactive Proficiency Test is designed to test knowledge and essential skills required for proper bloodstain pattern analysis. The objective is to provide a means of analyst evaluation as a component of a quality assurance program. Our testing is developed for persons who have completed, at minimum, a course in basic bloodstain pattern analysis and experience in applying the principles of the discipline.

Detailed evaluation
and recommendations for remediation of weaknesses will be available, based on the category of question responses.

of successful completion is provided and archived.

A searchable database
of analysts who have successfully completed the proficiency test will be available. Clients who access the database can search for an analyst name to determine if that analyst has successfully completed the proficiency test.

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